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Richmond Business Cleaning

Customers are turned off by carpeting with ground-in grime that obscures the original color, scuff marks on wallpaper, stained upholstery and finger marks on reception windows. Grime around door handles and door knobs leaves clients, and particularly patients, with a negative impression of your business. Established businesses need a thorough deep cleaning to make them fresh and attractive to clients again. New businesses need regular cleaning to maintain cleanliness. Regular cleaning by Richmond Business Cleaning will make clients more likely to return and save you money compared to once or twice yearly cleanings.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Richmond

Does your business’s carpet have trod in gum, mud stains, stains from spilled food and drink and other dirty areas that make it look nasty? Has your upholstery received similar treatment from careless customers? Don’t go to the expense of replacing carpet or reupholstering furniture when Richmond Business Cleaning can return it to a nearly new state by our tried and true cleaning routine. Some carpets require only steam cleaning. This is a benefit of scheduling regular maintenance with Richmond Business Cleaning. Old dirt and stains require our deep-cleaning solutions to revive matted carpet and dingy upholstery. Stay on top of upholstery stains with our trained maid service and the newest upholstery cleaning methods.

Wall Cleaning and Pressure Washing Richmond

Walls get filthy from bottom to door handle levels due to dirty shoes rested on the walls and day after day of grimy hand stains on doors. Clients in the waiting room notice carpets and scuff marks. Depending on your paint and wallpaper, we may be able to remove dirt from shoes and fingers.

Commercial Glass Cleaning Richmond

Greasy fingerprints on reception and checkout windows leave you looking sloppy. Our maids will clean your outside windows, door windows, reception area windows and mirrors so that everything looks crystal clear to your clients.

Richmond Business Bathroom Cleaners

A dirty bathroom is bad news for any business owner. Don’t put the task off on your staff. Let our maid service clean your bathrooms so they’ll be sanitary and clients and patients will feel comfortable using them.

Richmond Business Cleaners

Richmond Business Cleaning is here to make your old business look new again or keep your new business clean from the start. Contact us today for more information and for quotes.