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Richmond Carpet Cleaning

Are you located in the Richmond area and in need of carpet cleaning? Whether it’s antique oriental carpets or wall to wall carpet, both benefit from regular vacuuming. The Maids can remove most dirt, dust, and allergens with our commercial grade vacuums.  Fine Oriental carpets may require special cleaning agents while wall to wall carpet is best cleaned with hot water extraction methods.   The Maids of Richmond can help by referring a qualified carpet cleaning  specialist.

Deep-down Richmond Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes just a simple vacuum job can make a carpet look really nice. If you spill something on your carpet, a simple spot cleaning might make the carpet look like nothing had ever spilled on it. However, the problem lies deep below the surface. This is where the stains and dirt still exist but cannot be seen by the naked eye. You might think, “Who cares about dirt and stains that no one can see?”  Years of dirt, dust, and pet hair may have collected at the carpet base and be contributing to allergies.  Call The Maids to refer you to a carpet cleaning specialist.

Spot Removal

Have you ever had a stain that ruined the way your carpet looked? Thought you got rid of it only to find the spot is larger and more pronounced?  Most spot cleaners do a great job of removing the spot, the problem may lie in the application process.  Make sure to read the directions before attempting to clean the spot.  Use a clean dry cloth to gently dab the spot where carpet cleaner has been applied.  Never use a twisting motion to clean the spot or you will unravel the twist of the carpet.  Follow up by using a clean damp white cloth to dab and remove the carpet cleaner .  It’s the lack of proper dabbing with clean water that results in spot cleaner remaining on the carpet and attracting more dirt.  Always remove spots as quickly as possible to prevent permanent stains.

High Traffic Areas

There’s no denying that carpet provides warmth to a room.  Unfortunately, over time carpet will show wear and tear in high traffic areas.  If this is a concern, you may consider hard surface floors that will also decrease the potential collection of dust and allergens in a home.

Richmond Carpet Cleaners

If you want to get your carpets in the best condition they can possibly be, we can help you get that done. We are happy to refer you to a carpet cleaning specialist in the Richmond area.