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Richmond Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning is more than a one or two-step job, washing away the grime and hoping the glass dries clean.
Getting the interior and exterior of your windows sparkling clean involves properly formulated cleaning agents applied by attentive cleaners.

Affordable and Reliable Richmond Window Cleaning

The Maids of Richmond provides cleaning excellence to your windows just as we do to all of our cleaning areas. Sparkling windows are like jewels for your home.  You put such love and care in all areas of your home, don’t forget the bling.  Call for a free home cleaning estimate and ask about our window cleaning.  Our pleasant and professional office staff can provide further information as to our window cleaning service.

Non-Abrasive Cleaning for Your Inspection

While other services use any old detergent to get windows clean, The Maids only selects the right cleaner, the top formulation, the best one for the task at hand. Our cleaning products and tools ensure the object being cleaned, fragile glass in this case, isn’t scratched or abraded in any way. The result? Clean glass on the inside and outside, sparkling clear to admit sunlight without blockage of any kind. It’s the kind of work we love, and we always treat your windows just as we’d treat our own, with care and due attention.

Window Cleaners Richmond

Cleaning windows is unlike cleaning any other material. Do it wrong, even slightly, and it’s obvious for all to see simply by gazing through the transparent surface. There are streaks and smudges, ugly stains from poorly applied cleaning product. Don’t accept this kind of workmanship when The Maids has the perfect combination of pride in a job well done and expertise in cleaning. We apply the right cleaner, washing it in to remove all dirt, before using a high-quality squeegee to wipe away residue, leaving only crystal clear glass.

Leave the seasonal chore of window cleaning to the experts at The Maids, allowing us to show you cleaning done right. We’ll clean your home, seamlessly moving on to the windows, no matter how many panes or how the opening mechanism is constructed. Whether the latest in eco-friendly windows or a vintage single pane of glass, our housekeepers take care of the job with a touch of elbow grease and tons of technique.